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Commonly Asked Questions and Answers - Nexcare™ 1820 Surgical Mask

Date: 27 April 2009

 Nexcare™ 1820

Q1. Regarding the spread of the Swine Influenza, is there any change in the demand for Nexcare™ 1820 Surgical Mask?
A1. 3M Hong Kong provides different personal protection equipment to various industries. Recently, the enquiries on this type of masks have increased apparently.
Q2. Is Nexcare™ 1820 a 3-plied surgical mask?
A2. Yes.
Q3. Does Nexcare™ 1820 Surgical Mask meet the requirements of NIOSH N95?
A3. Nexcare™ 1820 Surgical Mask is not under the scope of NIOSH N95. However, its material has been stringently tested and reaches a 99% Bacteria Filtration Efficiency. It also meets the related requirements of The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention in the United States.
Q4. Does Nexcare™ 1820 Surgical Mask effectively protect against bacteria infection?
A4. Only when properly applied can an approved respirator or mask be expected to reduce exposure to infection. The material of Nexcare™ 1820 Surgical Mask can filter out 99% airborne particulate, and minimize contamination caused by bacteria, dust or spittle.
Q5. Where can we buy Nexcare™ 1820 Surgical Mask?
A5. Nexcare™ 1820 Surgical Mask can be purchased at pharmacies, drugstores, and Watson’s.
Q6. What is the selling price of Nexcare™ 1820 Surgical Mask?
A6. The retail prices for Nexcare™ 1820 Surgical Mask are suggested as follows:
Adult size: HK$31.0/ box, 20 pieces/ box (bulk pack)
Child size: HK$27.5/box, 20 pieces/ box (bulk pack)
Q7. Are there different sizes of Nexcare™ 1820 Surgical Mask?
A7. There are two sizes: adult size (9cm × 17.7cm) and child size (9cm × 15cm).
Q8. What is the colour of Nexcare™ 1820 Surgical Mask?
A8. It is in light blue.
Q9. Are there any people who are not suitable to wear Nexcare™ 1820 Surgical Mask?
A9. Generally speaking, Nexcare™ Surgical Mask is suitable for all. Please consult your medical doctor if there are any queries.
Q10. Are children suitable to wear surgical masks?
A10. Children should use the masks in child size. Parents’ assistance and instruction are needed.
Q11. How long can we wear Nexcare™ 1820 Surgical Mask? When should we change a new one?
A11. It depends on different situations and environments. However, wearer should take off the mask if breathing difficulty or any distress occurs. Masks need to be changed if one of the following situations appears:
(1) if respirator is soiled by body fluid such as blood, saliva or spittle;
(2) if respirator is damaged.
Q12. Is Nexcare™ 1820 Surgical Mask reusable?
A12 To prevent contamination, please dispose the mask after use.
Q13. How long can Nexcare™1820 Surgical Mask be kept?
A13. 2 years (from the production date).