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e-Warranty Registration 保用登記表
 1. Personal Information (Fields marked with an asterisk* are required)

      Name 姓名*  
      Postal Address 郵寄通訊地址* 室 Room/ Flat 層 Floor 座 Block
      大廈名稱 Name of Building
      街道號數及名稱 No. and Name of Street
      地區 District
      Tel 電話*  
      Email 電郵*  

2. Date of Purchase 購買日期*


3. Model Number 產品型號*


4. Serial Number 產品編號*


5. Name of Store Where You Purchase 在哪商户/舖購買*


6. Invoice Number 發票號碼*


7. From which media/party did you learn about 3M™ Electric Paper Shredder?

     您從哪些途徑獲取3M™ 碎紙機的產品資訊?
 TV ad 電視廣告  Newspaper/Magazine 報章/雜誌廣告
 Internet 互聯網  In-store Promoter 店舖推廣員介紹
 Referral from Friends & Relatives 親友介紹  Others, please specify 其他,請註明

8. Where is your primary location for use of this product? 此產品主要在哪地點使用?

 Home 家用  Office 公司
 Others, please specify 其他,請註明

9. For household use: 如家用:

    Which group you describe your monthly family income? 家庭每月總收入為以下那一項?

 Under HK$14,900 或以下  HK$15,000 – HK$29,999
 HK$30,000 – HK$44,999  HK$45,000 or above 或以上

10.For office use: 如公司使用:

    Number of employees in your company is


The information you provide will be retained in our files for up to three years and maybe used for 3M market research studies and to contact you directly regarding product information and privilege promotion. You may opt out of being contacted directly elsewhere on this form. Your feedback will be valuable for us in providing even better quality products and services to fulfill your needs.


I wish to be contact for product information and privilege promotion from 3M.


I wish 願意 I don't wish 不願意