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Member Personal Information Update 會員資料更新
1. Personal Information (Fields marked with an asterisk* are required)
    個人資料 (附有 * 為必須填寫的資料)
    Membership Number 會員號碼*   (7 digits)
 To ensure only member themselves can amend their personal information, please input the Tel or email address that you used in last registration. Our system will update the database only when this input is verified as correct.
    Registered Tel 已登記電話  
    Registered Email Address 已登記電郵  
如忘記會員號碼,請聯絡我們。(註:請於 "主題" 填寫淨呼吸會,及於 "意見欄" 填寫登記時的電話及住址。)
If you forget the membership number, please Contact us. (Note: Please put "Filtrete Club" at the Subject Column and put down your telephone number and address that were used in the registration.)
    Title 稱號*  
    Name 姓名*  
    Postal Address
  室 Room/ Flat 層 Floor 座 Block
大廈 Name of Building
街道號數及名稱 No. and Name of Street
地區 District
    Tel 電話*  
    Email 電郵*  

You may have answered below questoins before. It is optional for you to fill again. Your updated answer will be saved in our database to replace the old ones. Thank you.
2. Are you the first time to purchase this kind of air filter? 您是否首次購買此類空氣濾網產品?
     Yes 是
No, please list down which kind of air filter that you used in the past: (May choose more than one)
Filtrete™ 淨呼吸™ 品牌之
Dust Reduction 一般過濾   Micro Allergen Reduction 高效過濾
Odor Reduction 清新過濾   Ultra Allergen Reduction 超效能過濾
Other Brand, please specify 其他品牌,請註明
3. What were your primary reasons for purchasing this product? 購買原因
    (Please show sequence of importance, 1=most important) (請以重要性排序,1=最重要)
Allergy or Respiratory Problems


Pet Odors

  Trying Out of Curiosity

General Health Concerns

  Tobacco/Smoke Odors

General Home Environment Concerns

  Satisfy with Product Performance of Trial Pack

New Born Baby/Child in Household

  Others, please specify

4. Occupation of purchase decision maker 決定購買者的職業
Housewife 家庭主婦 Student 學生
Retired 退休人士 Technician 技工
Management 行政管理人員 Clerical 文員
Professional 專業人士 Sales 銷售人員
Others, please specify 其他,請註明
5. Age of purchase decision maker 決定購買者的年齡
14 or below 歲或以下 15-19 歲
20-24 歲 25-34 歲
35-44 歲 45-54 歲
55-64 歲 65 or above 歲或以上
6. Age of child at home? 家中子女的年齡?
      (May choose more than one) (可選擇多項)
No child 沒有子女 3 or below 歲或以下
4-12 歲 13 or above 歲或以上
7. Which group describes your monthly household income? 家庭每月總收入為以下那一項?
Under HK$14,999 或以下 HK$15,000 - HK$29,999
HK$30,000 - HK$44,999 HK$45,000 or above 或以上
8. How many of the following products are used at home? 家中有多少以下的產品?
    Which have you applied Filtrete™ Air Cleaning Filter on it? 有否使用 Filtrete™ 靜電空氣濾網於其上?
Applied 有使用
Air-conditioner 冷氣機 set(s) 部
Room Air Purifier 空氣清新機 set(s) 部
Dehumidifier 抽濕機 set(s) 部
Water Purifier 濾水器 set(s) 部
9. How frequent does the filter have to be replaced? 平均多久需要更換新的 Filtrete™ 靜電空氣濾網?
     month(s) 月
10. During which months would you use Filtrete™ Air Cleaning Filter? (May choose more than one)
      您會在哪些月份使用 Filtrete™ 靜電空氣濾網?(可選擇多項)
Mar-May 3-5月 Jun-Aug 6-8月 Sep-Nov 9-11月
Dec-Feb 12-2月 All year round 全年
11. From which media/party did you learn about Filtrete™ Room Air Purifier?
TV ad 電視廣告 Newspaper/Magazine 報章/雜誌廣告
Internet 互聯網 Information on Product Packaging 產品包裝上的資料
In-store Promoter 店舖推廣員介紹 Referral from Friends & Relatives 親友介紹
Electronic Direct Email 電子郵件 Others, please specify 其他,請註明
12. Other comments on this product 您對本產品的其他意見

The information you provide will be retained in our files and it maybe used for 3M market research studies and allow us to contact you directly regarding product information and privilege promotion. You may opt out of being contacted directly elsewhere on this form. Your feedback will be valuable for us in providing even better quality products and services to fulfill your needs.
閣下填寫的個人資料將保留在我們的客戶資料庫,資料只會用以日後與閣下聯絡,及用作 3M 公司內部市場分析及產品推廣之用。你將有權拒絕任何本公司發出的資訊。閣下提供的資料將進一步協助本公司提升產品及客戶服務質素。
I wish to be contact for product information and privilege promotions from 3M.
本人願意接受 3M 公司日後的產品資料及優惠推廣。
I wish 願意 I don't wish 不願意