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Fill in survey below and get a FREE 3M™ Labels sample pack or 3M free gift!

Part 1

Q1. Did you use 3M™ Labels before? (Multiple options)
Q2. In overall, are you satisfied with 3M™ Labels?
Q3. Please rank these in order of your satisfactory level towards 3M™ Labels. (1=The most satisfied, 11=The least satisfied)
Q4. Will you continue to use 3M™ Labels?
Q5. Do you have any suggestion(s) about 3M™ Labels?

Part 2

A1. Why do you use labels, company or personal?
A2. What kind of business does your company deal with?
A3. How many staff in your company?
A4. Which department(s) of your company make the decision on purchasing labels? (Multiple options)
A5. On average, how often do you use labels within 3 months?
A6. Which label sheet size do you mostly use, A4 or letter size?
A7. On average, how many piece(s) of labels do you use each time?
A8. How many label(s) per sheet do you use? (Multiple options)
 labels/ sheet        
A9. What is/are your purpose(s) of using labels? (Multiple options)
A10. In which situation(s) do you use the full sheet size label (ie.1 label/ sheet)? (Multiple options)
A11. Have you encountered the following problem(s) when using labels? (Multiple options)
A12. Please rank the factors in order of importance when buying labels. (1=The most important, 12=The least important)
A13. Which channel(s) does your company/ do you purchase labels? (Multiple options)
A14. Which label brand do you most frequently use?
A15. Are you satisfied with the label brand chose above?
A16. How do you learn about 3M™ Labels? (Multiple options)

Please fill in the following contact information, a 3M free gift will be sent to you by post!

Please fill in the following contact information, we will send you a 3M™ Labels sample pack to experience the benefits of high quality labels!

Terms and conditions:

  • Each person and email address can only enrol for this survey once.
  • Free gifts available while stock lasts.
  • Sample pack includes 2 sheets of 3M™ Super Premium Labels.
  • Sample pack available while stock lasts.
  • In case of any dispute(s), 3M reserves the final decision on this event.