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Protemp™ Crown Temporization Material

Protemp™ Crown Temporization Material

The world's first preformed, malleable temporary crown.

Protemp™ Crown Temporization Material from 3M ESPE is the world's first single-unit self-supporting, malleable, light-curable composite crown. This revolutionary, time-saving technique can result in higher productivity for you.


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Protemp™ Crown Temporization Material
An Innovative Way to Fabricate Temporary Crowns

Protemp™ Crown is a revolutionary, preformed malleable crown that delivers a custom fit for your patients in less than four minutes. This revolutionary method for single unit temporization is simple to use while resulting in significant time savings, custom fit and natural looking esthetics.

Protemp™ Crown's innovative technology offers features and benefits that are truly unique. Read more to find out how Protemp™ Crown can help add value in your office.

Simple to Use

As simple as 1-2-3*

No impression or matrix. No hardware or mix tips.

Protemp™ Crown Temporization Material comes in one universal shade and a variety of preformed sizes. To fabricate, simply select the appropriate size and adapt the crown to its oral environment. Then light cure, polish and cement using standard temporary cements, such as RelyX™ Temp NE Temporary Cement from 3M ESPE.

Trim following gingival contour Light cure Finish and polish

1. Trim following gingival contour

2. Light cure.

3. Finish and polish.

* Refer to product instructions for complete step-by-step information.

Experience the speed and simplicity of Protemp™ Crown Temporization Material for yourself. Contact your authorized 3M ESPE distributor.

Significant Time Savings

Reduce fabrication time up to 50% for single-unit temporaries.

That's up to twice as fast as automix (i.e., Integrity®, Luxatemp®) and powder liquid (i.e., SNAP™, Jet™ and Trim®) systems.

Protemp™ Crown – twice as fast as automix and powder liquid systems

* Dentists placing at least 15 single-unit temporary crowns per month.

Compare what you can get in 4 minutes or less.

Protemp™ Crown – Comparison Table

Experience the speed and simplicity of Protemp™ Crown Temporization Material for yourself. Contact your authorized 3M ESPE distributor.


Excellent strength.

When compared to other temporization materials, Protemp™ Crown Temporization Material has excellent overall mechanical strength. Tests show that it has high compressive, tensile and flexural strength

Protemp™ Crown – short rod toughness chart

Short-rod toughness contributes to the durability of a provisional restoration. It measures the energy needed to propagate a crack through the material.

Source: DeLong: University of Minnesota, MDRCBB

Experience the speed and simplicity of Protemp™ Crown Temporization Material for yourself. Contact your authorized 3M ESPE distributor.

Natural Looking Esthetics

Provides a tooth-colored restoration.

With its tooth-colored shade and preformed anatomical shape, Protemp™ Crown Temporization Material provides a temporary restoration with natural-looking esthetics. The crowns can be customized and/or repaired using a conventional flowable such as Filtek™ Supreme Plus Flowable Restorative, or composite materials, and can be polished to a shiny tooth-like appearance.

Protemp™ Crown – Finished restoration

Photo courtesy of Donald M. Erickson, DDS.

Experience the speed and simplicity of Protemp™ Crown Temporization Material for yourself. Contact your authorized 3M ESPE distributor.

Custom Fit

Protemp™ Crown provides a custom fit for your adult patients.  Protemp™ Crown temporization material can be trimmed, adapted and re-shaped chair-side using common dental instruments. The end result produces a good marginal, interproximal and occlusal fit which promotes gingival health and maintains temporary space while maintaining good provisional strength.

Gingival Health*
compared to current material used
*64 U.S. dentists in 2005 application test

Very low Oxygen Inhibited Layer

Protemp™ Crown has very low oxygen inhibited layer and other physical characteristics such as no odor and low exothermic temperatures.  Because Protemp™ Crown is not a liquid powder mix, there is no unpleasant smell when working with the product.  And because it is light cured on demand there are low exothermic temperatures during the fitting process.

Oxygen Inhibition Layer Comparison
Initial comparison

"Making temporaries is now very convenient with no preliminary impression. This revolutionary new process is simple, quick and easy producing a temporary that fits well, is kind to the tissue, does not come off and keeps the occlusion in place. A definite winner for 3M ESPE!" -- Joseph A. Blaes, DDS

"This is a paradigm shift in temporization. Adjectives alone cannot convey the practical application of a product like this. It’s a total success for high-quality temporary restorations. When you get it in your hands, you will be amazed." -- Robert G. Ritter, DMD

"This is the greatest invention in temporization in decades. I haven’t seen anything this revolutionary since the ion polycarbonate crown." -- John Sorensen, DMD

"It comes in handy using it in places where I’d be stuck before. There are certain cases where I just know I wouldn’t truly be happy with the results using current products, but now I can take those cases and be extremely happy with the results because of this product innovation." -- Jeffrey B. Dalin, DDS

"I love the predictability of this product. I can see the margins inside the temporary, just like reading the impression. Then I just trim and polish to the margin for an exquisite provisional. It’s a fast process and the simplicity really helps save a lot of time." -- Don M. Erickson, DDS

"Other crowns would often break or fall off, but that doesn’t happen with this product. We no longer have patients coming back to the office because they are in pain or the crown cracked in half or got lost. It’s really a no-brainer." -- Julie George, RDA

What is Protemp Crown?

Protemp Crown is a light-cured methacrylate composite crown that is designed for temporary restoration of teeth prepared for full crowns. Initially, Protemp Crown’s self-supporting, malleable consistency makes it easy and fast to place, trim, fit, and customize.

The light-curable resin of Protemp Crown is composed of bisGMA, dimethacrylate polymer, and rheology modifiers. Silanated zirconia-silica and fumed silica fillers are used to impart physical strength, radiopacity, and wear resistance. The silanated inorganic filler loading is approximately 78% by weight; the average particle size of the filler is approximately 0.6 micrometers. Protemp Crown also contains pigments and a photoinitiator system.

What sizes and shapes will be available for Protemp Crown?

There are (9) Protemp Crown sizes: Molar, Bicuspid(Premolar), Cuspid(Canine)

  • Upper Small Molar
  • Upper Large Molar
  • Lower Small Molar
  • Lower Large Molar
  • Upper Small Bicuspid (Premolar)
  • Upper Large Bicuspid (Premolar)
  • Lower Bicuspid (Premolar)
  • Universal Small Cuspid (Canine)
  • Universal Large Cuspid (Canine)

Why are there only 9 sizes?

The anatomy of Protemp Crown is symmetric to allow for use in either right or left dentition. In addition, the crowns are malleable allowing for individual customizing and shaping. Subsequently, this reduces the number of crown shapes and sizes stocked in the dental office.

Is Protemp Crown be available for anterior dentition?

Protemp Crown for anterior teeth would complement the product line and will be considered at a later date. Use Protemp™ 3 Garant™ Temporization Material for your temporary anterior restorations.

What shade is Protemp Crown?

Protemp Crown is offered in one universal shade.

What is the reason for the clear film on the crown?

The film protects the crown during the manufacturing process and should be removed prior to placement.