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Impregum™ Soft Impression Material

Impregum™ Soft Impression Material


Overview Features
and Benefits
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Impregum™ Soft impression material from 3MESPE, features the next generation polyether technology. Impregum Soft offers unmatched accuracy, excellent initial hydrophilicity, an improved taste and an optimal rigidity that provides easier removal from the mouth and model. Now available in three consistencies to satisfy all impression techniques.

  • Light Body
  • Medium Body
  • Heavy Body

Impregum Soft impression material replaces Impregum F impression material for one-step/monophase impressions, while Impregum Soft Light impression material can be used with either Impregum Soft Medium or Impregum Soft Heavy impression material for the one-step/two viscosity technique.

Impregum sets the standard for stress free accuracy in impression materials

Initial hydrophilicity

  • Allows you to capture and reproduce precise detail, even in a moist environment.
  • Excellent for subgingival preparations.

Thixotropic with a snap set

  • Flows under pressure, yet remains viscous in the tray or around the preparation.
  • Predictable snap-setting characteristics give you a clearly defined and ample working time with rapid transition to the setting phase minimising the potential for distortion.

Predictable high quality impressions

  • Crown & Bridge
  • Inlays/Onlays
  • Implants
  • Functional Impressions

Technique Guide

Dispense equal amount of
base and catalyst into
the mixing pad. Spread
the catalyst over the
base paste and mix until
a homogenous mixture is

Fill the syringe with the
completely mixed material.
Syringe the impression
material into the preparation

Insert the impression tray in the mouth. Disinfect as per instructions.

Impregum Soft Medium BodyWorking Time
(Mix, load, syringe, seat)

Time in the Mouth

Setting Time
(Mix to mouth removal)


One Step/Two
Viscosity Technique
Tray Material
(Impregum Soft Medium or
Heavy Body)

and Syringeable Material
(Impregum Soft Light Body)
Working Time
(Mix, load, syringe, seat)

Time in the Mouth

Setting Time
(Mix to mouth removal)



Part Name Description
31748 Intro Kit 1 x 120mL HB
1 x 120mL LB
2 x 15mL catalyst
1 x Polyether tray adhesive
1 x Mixing Pad
1 x tube key
31755 Medium Body Refill Pack 2 x 120mL MB Paste
2 x 15mL Catalyst
Mixing Pad and tube key
Elastomeric Syringe
Mixing Pad
Polyether Tray Adhesive
31749 Heavy Body Refill Pack  
31750 Light Body Refill Pack  

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