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Elipar™ FreeLight 2

Elipar™ FreeLight 2: Spotlight on Innovation

product information

The advantages at a glance:

  • Further increase in light intensity to 1200 mW/cm2
  • Curing in half the time
  • For almost all intraoral light polymerisation indications
  • Additional safety due to better depth of polymerisation
  • Ergonomic design
  • Minimal heat radiation
  • Hygienic for the surgery
  • Autoclavable light guide, can be rotated freely through 360°

Elipar™ prized and proven

Excellent innovations, such as soft-start polymerisation, the latest LED technology, and the continual further development of tried and tested components have made Elipar synonymous with high-performance dental lamps which are the preferred choice of thousands of dentists all around the world. Renowned institutions have awarded the Elipar family numerous prizes. Due to the sophisticated technology and consistently increased light intensity of Elipar FreeLight 2, 3M ESPE is once again setting the standard: with the Elipar Freelight 2, light-curing has become a rapid interim step in the treatment process.

Curing in half the time

With the Elipar FreeLight 2, the recommended curing times of light-cured dental materials can be halved. A light intensity of 1200 mW/cm2 enables the reliable light-curing of dental materials with a camphor-quinone based photoinitiator in almost all direct and indirect indications. In addition, the long-lasting battery ensures a reliable and consistent light level.

Ergonomics for increased user comfort

The ergonomic, functional design offers outstanding user comfort. Because of the balanced weight distribution, Elipar FreeLight 2 sits well in the hand. The slim-line shape allows an unobstructed view of the treatment site. The fibreoptic light guide made of special laminated safety glass is autoclavable, shockproof and can be rotated through 360 degrees.

Reserve capacity ensures improved safety

The high light intensity of the Elipar FreeLight 2 has been improved once again thanks to further development of the LED technology and now enables even better polymerisation depth. With adequate reserve capacity, Elipar FreeLight 2 offers all-important additional safety even in clinically demanding situations, for instance for the cementation of ceramic restorations.

Focus on Speed and Flexibility.

Efficient use of polymerisation light

In comparison to halogen units, the Elipar FreeLight 2 has a narrow emission spectrum: the polymerisation light can be used more efficiently by the photoinitiator mainly used in dental materials - camphor-quinone - because the emitted wavelength spectrum is concentrated on the initiator’s range of maximal absorption.

spectral distribution of various polymerisation units in comparison to the absorption spectrum of camphor-quinone
The spectral distribution of various polymerisation units in comparison to the absorption spectrum of camphor-quinone. Light wavelengths outside this range cannot be used for polymerisation. (Source: internal data, M. Hartung et al., 2002)

Twice as fast as conventional halogen lamps

With an innovative restoration composite such as Filtek Supreme from 3M ESPE, the Elipar Freelight 2 achieves a polymerisation depth of more than 2.0 mm after just 10 seconds; with a classic restoration composite such as Z100 MP from 3M ESPE this is achieved after 20 seconds; with a conventional halogen lamp 40 seconds are required.

Curing times in comparison
Curing times in comparison: light polymerisation of Filtek Supreme, Filtek Z250 and Z100 MP with the Elipar FreeLight 2 and a halogen lamp (800mW/cm2), Standard depth of polymerisation: 2.0 mm. (Source: 3M ESPE, Instructions for Use)
Each material in combination with the curing light
* Curing time: 30 sec when using the shades 3M B0.5, C4 and UD
** Curing time: 40 sec when using the dentine shades

Thermal management without a fan
Thanks to effective thermal management, the heat which builds up during operation is continually released through the high-quality refined metal housing. Since neither a fan nor ventilation slits are required, the whole surface can be quickly wiped down with disinfectant.
Thermal management without a fan

Universal and flexible application

As a high-performance all-rounder for day-to-day dental surgery procedures, Elipar FreeLight 2 can be used for almost all light polymerisation indications. The curing times of 5s, 10s, 15s and 20s can be set freely. In addition, the practitioner can choose between standard light-curing and soft-start polymerisation.

Technical Data

Technical Features

  • 2 selectable curing modes: standard mode and soft start polymerisation mode
  • 4 selectable curing times
  • Integrated light measuring unit
  • Regulator electronics for constant light intensity

Wavelength of the light emitted 430 - 480 nm
Light intensityca. 1200 mW/cm2
DimensionsØ 30 mm, length with light guide: 285 mm
Weight220 g without light guide
Base station
Operating voltage 100 V, 120 V, 230 V, 50/60 Hz (see typeplate)
Power consumption max. 10 VA
max. 0,75 W in stand-by mode
Dimensions depth 210 mm, width 95 mm, height 60 mm
Weight 555 g


Item No. Additional Accessories
76940 Replacement battery
76946 Eyeshield
76945 Table holder

Light guides, rotatable through 360°, available in the following sizes:

Item No. Additional Accessories
76942 Proxi, Ø 3 mm
76941 Turbo, Ø 8 mm
76943 Maxi, Ø 13 mm

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3M, ESPE, Elipar, Filtek, Z100 are trademarks of 3M or 3M ESPE AG. Optilux is a trademark of Kerr.

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