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Lava™ Scan ST Design System


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A Journey That Starts With A Precise Scanner

Whether you design simple or complex restorations using zirconia or other materials, the Lava™ Scan ST Design System supports you along the way.

Better marginal fit versus competitive systems
The Lava™ System and zirconia materials show a good marginal fit in comparison to competitors.

Lava™ Scan ST Design System comparison chart
1. F. Beuer, T. Fischer, K.-J. Erdelt, H.-U. Aggstaller, K. Spiegl, W. Gernet; (2005) IADR#1336 and In vitro Study Marginal fit of Lava restorations; F. Beuer, T. Fischer, K.-J. Erdelt, H.-U. Aggstaller, K. Spiegl, W. Gernet, industrial report (2006)

Scanner accuracy: a function of data density
The Lava system scanner produces greater data density without sacrificing scan time.

Lava™ Scan ST scanner output comparison
Other scanner output          Lava scanner output

Lava™ Scan ST Design System
You can design implant abutments, zirconia frameworks, wax/resin patterns, metal frameworks and the final contour for porcelain work

Software That Guides You Step By Step.

Our dental technicians guide our software development. This makes it easy to transition your work from the bench to the digital world.

Lava™Design Software

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Mouse-based design
It’s easy to modify your designs by simply moving the arrows.

Lava™ Scan ST mouse-based design

Supports traditional processes
You can design digitally or scan in a wax up.

Lava™ Scan ST supports traditional processes

Automatically place cement gap
It is easy to reposition the cement gap to ensure proper fit.

Lava™ Scan ST reposition cement gap

Fine tune connectors
Use the virtual wax knife tool to fine tune connectors for esthetic outcomes. It is easy to measure the connector cross section in every position to assure proper design.

Lava™ Scan ST fine tune connectors

Virtual wax knife tool
With the wax knife tool, it’s easy to fine tune your design by adding or removing wax as needed.

Lava™ Scan ST virtual wax knife tool


Abutment Design That Elevates Your Productivity.

With the Lava™ Design Software 5.0, you can design the abutment and the coping all from one scan, saving time and ensuring accuracy for a precise fit.

Abutment with Lava™ Zirconia

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Design abutment and coping with just one scan.
Since both are made from Lava™ Zirconia, your implant abutment and your coping can be the same shade. To create the abutment, Lava zirconia is cemented to a titanium interface. This enables compatibility with a wide variety of implant systems.

Abutment with Lava Zirconia

Customize easily.
Abutment shapes are easy to customize. And when your design is produced on the Lava™ CNC 500 Milling Machine, the screw hole is automatically milled into the abutment.


Atlantis™ patient-specific abutments provided by Astra Tech.
Scan your model and order a titanium, gold-shaded titanium or zirconium Atlantis™ patient-specific abutments through the Atlantis™ Web Order System.



Full Contour Design That Offers Flexibility At Every Turn.

Lava™ Design Software 5.0 allows you to digitally create a full contour design by customizing the tooth shape provided. The standard tooth library automatically places the correct tooth number on the die. Then you can modify the design to fit opposing and adjacent teeth

Lava Design Software Image

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Optimal porcelain support.
The full contour design is cut back to create an anatomically designed coping. This provides optimal support for your veneering.

Lava Design Software Image 2

Occlusion can be adapted.
Just use the bite registration to re-position the cusps. The cusps can then be digitally “trimmed” to fit the bite with just one click.

Lava Design Software Occlusion

Adapt to adjacent teeth.
It’s easy to adapt the full contour of the design to the size and contour of the adjacent teeth.

Lava Design Software Occlusion 2

Selective Open Architecture Takes You Where You Want To Go.

To expand the workflow image, select an option below.

  1. True wax patterns

True wax patterns

  1. Wax/resin patterns

Wax/resin patterns

  1. Metal substructures

Metal substructures

Contact your local 3M ESPE sales representative to learn more.

Technical Specs

Scan Volume 62 x 46 x 46 mm (width x height x depth)
Scan Time Average scan time is 1.40 minutes for a single crown
Scan Type Non-contact, optical scanner with fringe projection triangulation for high accuracy
Scan Handling Ergonomic design and convenient handling with one hand height adjustment
Scanner Size Width: 545mm; Height: 800mm; Depth: 465mm; Weight: 45kg
Electrical Line Voltage: 100 – 240 Volts; Frequency: 50 Hz – 60 Hz; Power: 250 Watt

Indications for Use

  • Implant abutments cemented to a titanium base
  • Single crowns
  • Primary crowns
  • 3-unit bridges
  • 4-unit bridges
  • 5- and 6-unit bridges
  • Curved and long-span bridges up to 48mm length (with the release of the “Multi XL” size of Lava™ Frame Zirconia)
  • Cantilever bridges (excluded for patients with bruxism)
  • Inlay/onlay bridges (excluded for patients with bruxism)
  • Anterior adhesive bridges (excluded for patients with bruxism)

Please refer to the Lava Frame Instructions for Use for details on framework design rules. The guidelines set forth by the relevant national health care oversight agencies must also be observed for the respective indications.

The Lava™ Scan ST Design System is sold directly to dental labs by 3M ESPE. Please contact your local 3M ESPE sales representative or call the 3M ESPE Customer Service Hotline at +852 2806 6325 for more information.

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Lava™ Scan ST Design System Brochure (PDF, 2.5MB)