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Lava™ Furnace 200

Lava™ Furnace 200

Faster Sintering, More Output


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Increase the output of your lab with the new 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ Furnace 200 by reducing sintering times and producing more units per sintering cycle. 3M ESPE worked with Dekema® to customize the newly-developed Austromat ® µSiC® high-temperature furnace for Lava™ Zirconia. This means that you'll now get a furnace from one of the most innovative manufacturers, adapted specifically for Lava™ Copings and Frameworks.

To help technicians get up to speed quickly, we've also created a sintering guide (PDF, 1.5MB) with photos to supplement the user manuals that come with the furnace.

Lava™ Furnace 200

How does it compare? It’s faster, holds more and looks stylish.
The new Lava Furnace 200 offers faster sintering cycles and a much higher capacity per cycle than the Lava™ Therm Furnace.

Shorter sintering cycles
Three programs give you the flexibility to reduce oven time. All three programs are faster than the Lava™ Therm Furnace.

Lava™ Furnace Sintering Time
Shorter sintering cycles
Internal 3M ESPE data. Sintering time for the Lava™ Furnace 200 programs vs. the sintering program for the Lava™ Therm Furnace.

Increase productivity
Because you can sinter more units in each cycle and increase the number of cycles per day, you can dramatically increase your daily output.

Lava™ Furnace Daily Capacity
Daily Capacity
Internal 3M ESPE data. Capacity per cycle and cycles per day of the Lava™ Furnace 200 vs. the Lava™ Therm.

Consume less energy
Now you can do more with less. You can produce additional units with each sintering cycle. For the higher capacity, you can save on time, costs and wattage.

Lava™ Furnace Average Power Consumption
Average Power Consumption
Internal 3M ESPE test data. Average energy expended to complete the test cycle.

Choose the Sintering Program that is Best for You

Lava™ Classic
Total time: 8 hours and 30 min.

Drying Time: 3 hours and 30 min. Air Exchange: 12 min. Sintering Cycle: 4 hours 48 min.

Designed for automation or overnight use, this program includes drying time for shaded copings and frameworks. Drying occurs on the furnace lift. During the sintering cycle, the furnace will automatically open to release the accumulated gases from the shading liquid.

Lava™ Pre-dried
Total time: 5 hours

Air Exchange: 12 min. Sintering Cycle: 4 hours 48 min.

This program allows you to reduce “oven time” by drying shaded copings and frameworks outside the furnace. During the sintering cycle, the furnace will open to release gases from the shading liquid that accumulate within the furnace.

Lava™ Non-shaded
Total time 4 hours and 48 min

Sintering Cycle: 4 hours and 48 minutes

This program is for unshaded copings and frameworks. It is the fastest program because there is no need to include drying time or exchange of the atmosphere in the furnace chamber during the sintering cycle.

Track your cases—up to 12 sub-sections

Sintered crowns and bridges can look similar. In order to easily identify your cases, you can record the placement of each case on the log sheet (PDF, 302KB) provided in the Lava™ Furnace 200.

Lava™ Log Sheet

Specially-designed for Lava Zirconia

Designed by 3M ESPE, the following accessories are included in the starter kit that comes with every furnace purchase. Each of these items can also be ordered separately.

Sintering Crucibles
The sintering crucibles are made of customized Alumina Al2O3 and designed in two parts—a ring and a plate. The starter kit contains four plates and three rings.

Lava™ Sintering Crucibles

Tray Gripper Tool
The stainless steel gripper is specially designed by 3M ESPE for safe handling of hot sinter trays. One gripper tool is included in the starter kit.

Lava™ Tray Gripper Tool

Honeycomb Sintering Carrier
Manufactured with build-up technology, the honeycomb sintering carrier is separated into numbered quadrants. Lava™ Restorations can be tracked for easy identification when you use the log sheet. The starter kit contains three honeycomb sintering carriers.

Lava™ Honeycomb Sintering Carrier


Accessories Ordering Information

Item #

Product Information


Tray Gripper Tool
The stainless steel gripper is made for safe handling of hot sinter trays.


The plate is the bottom piece of the sintering crucible.


The ring is the outer wall of the sintering crucible.


Honeycomb Sintering Carrier
The tray is placed in the sintering crucible and holds restorations. The numbered quadrants help technicians track cases.


Sintering Aids
Pegs, soft wires and swings are used to hold copings and frameworks on the honeycomb sintering carrier. To accommodate the proper shrinkage of the zirconia that occurs during sintering, please refer to the Lava™ Frame Zirconia Instructions for Use on which sintering aid to use for various indications.

Lava™ Sintering Pegs


Sintering Pegs 25mm 25 pieces

Lava™ Sintering Pegs


Sintering Pegs 33mm 10 pieces

Lava™ Soft Wires


Soft Wires 6 pieces

Lava™ Swings


Swings 4 pieces

Lava™ Soft Wires for Bridges


Soft Wires for Bridges 6 pieces

Lava™ Insulated Furnace Table


Insulated Furnace Table
The insulated furnace table securely holds the sintering crucibles on the
Lava™ Furnace 200.

Technical Specs


42 x 98 x 60 cm (width x height x depth)


75 kg

Heating elements

3 long-life SiC heating elements

Control unit

USB wired control unit with plain text menu

Supply voltage

Furnace automatically adjusts to supplied voltage


USB port and Ethernet port

This furnace features software and network connectivity so it can be serviced remotely by 3M ESPE personnel. The heating elements are distinguished by their extraordinary long operating life. Installation is simple, since the furnace automatically adjusts to the supplied voltage.

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